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Get qualified, experienced one to one training, resolve behaviour problems fast and get the best possible start for your new puppy. 


Join us for one of our hugely popular scent detection, tracking or mantrailing classes for pet dogs. These courses are designed for you! Every pet dog and their owner can successfully take part in these enjoyable workshops. 


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Our new range of dog training courses and workshops for 2021

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Kate Harper Dog Training 

Kate Harper Dog Training comprises of a team of qualified dog trainers and behaviourists with extensive industry experience. We provide a variety of services from basic dog training to offering you the chance to take part in a number of exciting dog sports with your pet dog:

  • Puppy and Adolescent Dog Training Classes

  • Private One to One Dog Training 

  • Behavioural Consultations with Qualified Behaviourists

  • Mantrailing

  • Scent Detection

  • Tracking

  • Training around livestock with our own flock of sheep

  • Nutrition Consultancy Service

Find out more about the various services we offer here SERVICES