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Canine Hoopers 


What is Canine Hoopers?

**Spaces on Friday morning class**

Combining a series of hoops, barrels and tunnels, dogs and their handlers work together as a team to navigate the obstacles, build confidence whilst working in partnership and to have fun. Suitable for all ages, abilities and breeds though your dog should have a reasonable enough recall to practice this off lead (in our secure field). This course is not suitable for dogs who are dog aggressive due to the off lead element.

We run regular workshops and six week Canine Hoopers classes - you will start on a beginners workshop or course, and from there can progress to more advanced courses.  Canine Hoopers is also one of our 121 'Sports Dog' options.

In this short video, the fabulous Wish and his owner demonstrate how to navigate a Hoopers course.  Wish's owner says of their experience of Hoopers:

'For us, it has improved Wish's focus us, has developed trust between us as we improve distance and distraction and has given us a whole range of mini games and activities to use on our walks together or in the garden. We've also had lots fun and social interactions with the others in the Hoopers group. It has also helped us to understand how we can help Wish to learn.'

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