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Jane. L​

“Great session with Kate this morning with my 11 month old Lab puppy. Lexi has a massive work drive and Kate gave us lots of pointers about how to channel her drive in a positive way without encouraging her to become even more excitable at the prospect of learning stuff.

Many thanks Kate, it was lovely to see how the dogs responded to you and how clear and concise you were when giving us directions on how to carry on the work you started.
I would definitely recommend that anyone having issues with any aspects of their dogs training or anyone just wanting to learn more about teaching their dogs new skills get in contact with Kate..”

Claire. M​

“I took my little working cocker to Kate for the Series 1 Sniffer class, and I got so much more than just that! Kate really took the time to help me understand my little girl and help build her confidence in so many ways. I had been practicing search work with her and hit a dead end, neither of us could progress, until we met Kate and she had her working like a professional! It was amazing and all thanks to Kate taking the time to build our confidence. Can't wait for Series 2!! Thank you Kate!.”

Prisons Dog Training Project 


"Kate is a really empathetic and emotionally intelligent teacher and can read the young people’s behaviour and body language well, and use this insight to encourage and motivate them.  Their engagement with the courses she's run has been excellent, 2-3 hours to hold their attention well is quite an achievement, let alone the improvements we’ve seen in their engagement across the curriculum during and after this programme.


Kate has a really calm, approachable but also direct manner which the young people have responded really well to. She's been able to quickly build rapport with them and because they’ve felt able to trust her lead"

Sarah. K​

“Just had a brilliant two hour session with Kate. Having someone come to our house, come on a dog walk with us and get to know our dog was brilliant. We have a plan now to improve our dog's behaviour and for the first time since we got her two years ago, I feel we understand her better and that we can make some changes that will make her and our lives so much better..”

Rachel. S

“Cannot thank Kate enough for my morning training session today. She has given me the confidence, hope and tools to retrain my puppy that doesn’t listen. We’ve already been out practicing and can see an instant difference. If anyone is need of help I highly recommend Kate!.”

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