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Footprints over the grass with dew in th

   What will you need to bring:

  • Harness

  • 6-8 metre training line

  • Normal lead

  • Flat collar

  • Clicker

  • Four red medium sized Kongs (must be red)

  • Lots of tasty treats cut up into small pieces

  • Treats' pouch or bum bag

  • Water bowl

  • Bottled water

  • Poo bags

  • Appropriate outdoor clothing and footwear

  • Dog's coat if needed


with UK Sniffer Dogs

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NEW CLASSES available as well as 121's sessions with Kate 

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Tracking is the ability to detect, recognise and follow a specific scent.  Our dogs are born with this skill and would have used it for survival before being domesticated. 


Humans have harnessed this for years by combining training with the dog's ability to track. We now use tracking dogs for lots of different operational purposes such as police work, to track poachers and even to find missing pets. 


When tracking a human the dogs are taught to follow Track Scent, which is the disturbance in the ground left by the human's feet (footprints). Tracking dogs are taught to keep their nose down and follow the whole track, not just to get to the end, but to also indicate on any evidence dropped by the criminal on the route he took.

As all dogs possess the innate ability to track, tracking as a sport is becoming increasingly popular among pet dog owners, all of whom can take part. It is a great low impact sport that dogs love and a nice outdoor, social activity for the owners. 


We run courses that are designed to get any dog started in tracking. They are suitable for all dogs and owners with no previous training needed. Puppies and older dogs are welcome to join us. 

This sport is a little easier on the human than Mantrailing. You will initially be working in a smaller, flat grassy area in a methodical way meaning it’s not as high octane for you as the handler (unlike Mantrailing which covers more challenging terrain faster from the start). You will not be required to run though you will need to be able to hold onto your dog in a harness pulling out ahead of you (don't worry we teach them a very specific cue so they won't start pulling you out on walks!). However, it is still a great mental and physical workout for both you and the dog.

You will also have the opportunity to take part in our own competitive trials as well as national trials with UK Sniffer Dogs should you choose to do so - it is great fun!

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