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Kate provides lecture demonsrations on a variety of topics for schools, universities, prisons and the army. This normally centres around scent detection training and her UK Sniffer Dogs work but she has also spoken about some other specialist animal science topics including poultry health and wellfare. 


This year Kate has enjoyed doing a lot of demonstrations with the Wonder Dog - Monty Zoomer (pictured). Monty lives in Tonbridge with his human family who have allowed Kate to train him since he was a few months old. He is now a fully trained sniffer dog who Kate works and competes. He won the UK Sniffer Dogs Bronze Trial in 2019 and is hoping to retain his title by winning the Silver Trial next year. Professional dog trainers who know Monty describe him as a 'dog handlers dream dog'. Kate is currently extending his repertoire by teaching him to Mantrail and is working on developing three different indication behaviours for three different substances. 

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