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Scent Detection Workshops and Classes 
with UK Sniffer Dogs

UK Sniffer Dogs is all about allowing pet dog owners to have a go at sniffer dog training. We run workshops and six week courses open to everyone all year round.  


121 Scent Detection lessons available with Kate - please email us for more information. 

How does it all work? 

Our beginners or bronze events are open to all dogs and handlers, with no previous experience or even basic level of obedience required. In fact we find dogs who have had no previous training seem to excel the quickest in scent detection! Our preference is that you attend a six week course rather than a workshop, you will get a lot more out of it and progress to a really competent level quickly. We do offer one off workshop options though as we appreciate that not everyone can commit to a six week course and some might like to do a workshop to have a taster of what it's all about! This class is great for working breeds and high energy dogs as it offer a quick way to calm them down. We also have a lot of success with reactive dogs attending this as a group class. It's great for reactive or nervous dogs as it makes them feel calm which is an essential part of them be better able to cope with social interactions. We warn you, it is quite addictive for humans too. 

If you take part in these classes you will also be able to compete in UK Sniffer Dogs individual and team trials which is a lot of fun for the competitive among you. 

You may complete the UK Sniffer Dogs Course Bronze, Silver and Gold either via completing workshops, attending six week classes or having 121 training sessions with Kate.

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What is scent detection training?

Scent detection is a fun training game for dogs utilising their natural ability to smell. Their noses are incredible! 

What will we be doing?

You will teach your dog to search for a particular target scent. Once they know what they are searching for, we teach them to locate it and indicate to us exactly where the scent is. ​We reward them for locating the scent for us by giving them food rewards and sometimes toys. 

What kinds of dogs can do this? 

Every single dog in the world can do this - as long as they have a nose! For dogs, using their sense of smell is a natural behaviour so it's very easy to train them to do this. The results are much quicker in scent detection than any other form of training, it's really easy and enjoyable for them. No previous experience or training is required. At UK Sniffer Dogs we have taught every breed of dog you can imagine from Chihuahuas to Great Danes to do this. Scent detection can also be particularly beneficial for:

  • Young puppies with a lot of energy to burn - as long as they've finished their vaccines you can bring them along

  • Working breeds of dogs in need of an activity to keep them busy

  • Elderly dogs who are not as mobile as they once were but who still have the drive to be active

  • Dogs recovering from surgery or injuries

  • Great for nervous dogs - using their noses is like a having safety blanket

  • Dogs that cannot be exercised fully due to being in season

  • Reactive dogs that are undergoing training - scent is a great tool to help you redirect your dog's focus

How will my dog benefit from it?

  • Mental stimulation - it gives your dog a job they will love so they don't go freelance!

  • Physical workout - 10 minutes sniffing is more tiring than an hours run

  • Scientifically proven to make your dog happier 

  • Reduces stress and anxiety - gives nervous dogs something to focus on

  • You will build a great relationship with your dog

What will I get out of this?

If you join one of our courses you will have a lot of fun, make new friends and be supplied with a lot of cake and teas/coffees! It is also a great new skill that will fill you with confidence. For the competitive among you, there are timed trials throughout the year that you can compete in.

What kinds of people come to workshops? 

We are very proud to say that these workshops are inclusive to all. Attendees' ages have ranged from 10 years to 80 years!  We welcome child handlers on the workshops as long as they are able to safely hold onto the lead and follow instructions. Both locations are wheelchair accessible and we have had people with various disabilities successfully attend including blind owners (and blind dogs!). If you need any more information about support or accessibility please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

What do I need to bring?

Your dog should wear a harness and flat collar for scent detection. Lead lengths of 1.5-2m are useful but not essential. You will need to bring some tasty treats chopped up into small pieces. Make sure you bring a treats pouch or wear something with a pocket you can put your dog's treats in. You may like to give your dog half its normal breakfast allowance on the day of the workshop as we will be using food to train them. You will also need to purchase a red medium-sized kong and should feed your dog in that in the weeks preceding the workshop.  


My dog is reactive, can I still come?

Yes! This is the ideal place to bring a reactive dog. I normally have several reactive dogs in classes and most people would never notice. Using their noses is a great distraction. Please give Kate a call before you bring a reactive dog along so that we can put a plan in place to keep your dog calm and settled. 

If you have any questions please do get in touch for a chat. We very much hope to see you and your dog at a workshop soon!!


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