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Tortoise Method; 

8 week reactive dog course

Have you been unsuccessful in stopping your dog's reactivity? Have you had dog trainers out to visit and still not reached your goals? Would you love to be able to join group activities but your dog's reactivity is holding you back?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions then you might have missed out some steps in your journey that we can help you identify and resolve. You may well not have allowed enough TIME to work on the reactivity with your dog. You cannot resolve chronic complex emotional issues in a couple of dog training sessions just as you would not expect a counsellor to resolve a mental health problem in a few hours.

In my 20 years experience of successfully training thousands of dogs, I have found that the slower the pace of the training with reactive dogs, the more likely you are to reach your long term goals in such a fulfilling and nourishing way. Slow and steady wins the race as in Aesops Fable of The Tortoise and the Hare.

This is why we have come up with the Tortoise Method. This course is for anyone with a reactive dog who wants to take the slow ethical route to resolving their issues. Placing pressure on yourself and your dog only slows the process down and it doesn't feel good for your dog. This tailored course is about relaxing and connecting with your dog so that their true colours can shine through.

If you want a quick fix then please do not book this course. If you want a guarantee of a perfect dog by the end of this course then do not book on. All I can promise is a positive shift in behaviour and a greater connection with your dog. How far you take that is up to you and your dog....

You might well find that your dog is capable of much more than you had ever dreamed of but you will need to be patient as well as have a whole lot of my handy hints and support to help you see it through to completion.

So what do you get in this course?

  • Free 20 minutes telephone consultation to check we are a fit to work together

  • Exclusive invitation to come and view previously reactive dogs that I've successfully trained who are now attending group classes - I bet you can't guess which are reactive! You can get in person reviews from real clients I have and am currently working with

  • 8 Private tailored 121 training sessions with me over 8 weeks

  • Daily WhatsApp Support

  • Learn about the theory behind reactivity

  • Learn what to do when your dog sees it's trigger plus how to manage your walks confidently

  • You will form a deeper connection with your dog, learn how to be present for them and how to listen to them more fully

  • Learn how your daily activities and routine might impact on your dog's behaviour and get help developing a routine that will be conducive to a successful training journey

  • Access to private secure fields and appropriate stooge dogs when your dog is ready

  • We will come up with a plan to get your dog ready for joining group classes if you'd like plus reach any other training goals you have in mind

  • We can use your training sessions to learn dog sports that will help to keep your dog focused and calm and be super enjoyable for you. This could be scent detection (which is fantastic for reactive dogs), Obedience, Pet Gundog, Tracking, Hoopers or Mantrailing

Limited spaces, cost £795

Please email to register interest

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