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Kate Harper Dog Training Kennel Cough Policy

There has been a kennel cough outbreak in the area. After consulting our veterinarian, our policy and guidance regarding this is as follow:


* Kennel Cough is normally a mild condition that is more a nuisance than anything


* The vast majority of dogs do not require treatment for it. Some very young, very old or immunosuppressed dogs may require veterinary treatment for it such as antibiotics or anti-inflammatories.


* If your dog has Kennel Cough, please do not attend classes as it could be passed to other dogs.


* Dogs with Kennel Cough normally appear to be healthy other than having a cough, Some dogs may have a runny nose or eyes but coughing is the primary symptom to look out for. They normally retain their appetite as normal. 


* If your dog has had Kennel Cough, you can return to classes after they have been symptom free for 1 week.


* If you cannot attend class because your dog has Kennel Cough, you may still attend class yourself to learn and take notes so that you don't miss out on teaching. You can then go away and practice at this with your dog at home. If you take this option and have any questions about your training at home, please do email us for support if needed.


* We recommend that everyone has their dog vaccinated for Kennel Cough to prevent disruption to classes.


* Please do not allow your dogs to come into close contact with other dogs at classes.

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