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Nutrition Consultancy

NEW Nutrition Consultancy Service

Get independent nutrition advice tailored to your dog!


We are passionate about nutrition and our mission is to ensure that you get honest, independent, scientific advice so that your pets can flourish.


There are a whole host of reasons to seek independent nutrition advice for your dog. Nutrition plays an integral part in the health and vitality of our dogs and an expert consultation session can help to address any of the following:

  • Life stage appropriate nutrition – puppy, adult, geriatric, breeding dogs

  • Unwanted behaviour such as hyperactivity

  • Optimum nutrition for the competition or working dog (such as agility or show)

  • Dull coat

  • Obesity

  • Dandruff

  • Poor body condition

  • Low energy levels

  • Stool issues i.e. wet/sloppy

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There is a huge number of products available in pet stores globally as well as a whole lot of conflicting advice about which is the best formulation for your pets. We want you to have access to world-class, independent advice tailored to your dog. Taking into account your dog’s age, weight, activity levels, breed and health status we can formulate a tailored, balanced and complete nutrition plan. These consultancy sessions take place face to face with Anne-Marthe Brautaset BSc (Hons) via Zoom video calls and are followed up with your personalised plan which will be sent by email.

The following packages are available:

Basic Canine or Feline Nutrition Consultation


  • 1 hour consultation via Zoom video call

  • Tailored diet plan - to be emailed to you within 1 week of your session

  • 1 follow up 30 minute call to assess your dog’s progress and make any adjustments required

  • Includes an assessment of your questionnaire and veterinary history



Premium Canine Nutrition Service


  • 1 hour consultation via Zoom video call

  • Advice on supplements to support your dog’s health

  • Tailored diet plan - to be emailed to you within 1 week of your session

  • 2 follow up sessions spread apart to monitor your dog over time (30 minutes each)

  • Includes an assessment of your questionnaire and veterinary history




Analysis of Current Feeding Programme for Dogs and Cats



  • 1 hour consultation via Zoom video call

  • Diet analysis to identify if the needs of your pet are being met

  • Assure your pet’s diet meets AAFCO and FEDIAF guidelines

  • Home cooked, raw and commercial diets can all be analysed

  • Includes an assessment of your questionnaire and veterinary history




Additional follow up sessions:

You are welcome to book a follow up session with Anne-Marthe if you are a pre-existing client. Many people find it useful to review their pet’s condition at around 8-16 weeks after their initial session. Any additional follow up sessions required are charged at £75 p/h

Anne-Marthe consults predominantly on Tuesday and Thursday evenings but has some weekend availability.

** Please note, these diet plans are intended for dogs that are in general good health. You must always see your vet to rule out any medical causes that could contribute to any of the symptoms mentioned here before we can assist you. Anne-Marthe may request your veterinary history where appropriate**

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About Your Consultant 

Anne-Marthe Brautaset - Animal Nutrition Consultant 

Anne-Marthe has been passionate about canine and feline nutrition her whole life and holds a BSc (Hons) degree in Animal Science from Writtle University College. 


She currently works as a manager for a veterinary pharmaceutical company and has considerable industry experience in nutrition having worked to train vets and nurses on the topic at practices all over Norway. Anne-Marthe is also interested in the behaviour and welfare of wolves. She has undertaken research projects studying the behaviour of captive wolves in relation to enclosure design and social groups in Norway. She is based in Oslo and owns two beautiful Ragdoll cats Romeo and Casanova. She has previously owned and is fairly obsessed with Newfoundlands and intends to get a puppy as soon as her work schedule is a little quieter!


Anne-Marthe offers comprehensive one to one nutrition consultancy to clients all over the world to ensure that your dog or cat receives the best possible nutrition. Drop Anne-Marthe an email here.

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