About Us

We are a community of dog professionals dedicated to assisting you in creating more harmonious relationships with your dogs. We aim to promote wellbeing by taking a holistic approach. We also encourage all our clients into a variety of fun dog sports that we offer from scent training to agility because we believe in giving a dog a job!


The training methods we use are fun, ethical and reward-based.

Meet the team:

Kate Harper BSc (Hons) - Head Trainer/Behaviourist and Founder

Kate is an experienced behaviourist who specialises in teaching Tracking, Mantrailing and Scent Detection to pet dogs. She is a UK Sniffer Dogs Accredited Instructor in Scent Detection and Tracking and is a Mantrailing UK Accredited Instructor. She teaches popular workshops and practice sessions all over Kent.

She also enjoys teaching dog training classes within prison-based dog training programmes designed to promote positive behavioural change and engagement in education. 

Kate is a trainer for Dogs For Autism who are the first UK charity to specialise in providing assistance dogs to autistic partners of all ages at no cost to the family. 

She has 17 years of hands on experience working with dogs of all shapes, sizes and temperaments. She has handled, trained and assessed a wide range of dogs for national charities, dog wardens and private clients. She has also worked with dogs detained under the Dangerous Dogs Act. She has studied FdSc Applied Animal Behavioural Science and Welfare and has a BSc (Hons) Animal Science degree from Writtle University College. 

James Hedges IMDT - Dog Trainer and Behaviourist

James works with our clients for one to one dog training sessions; face to face where appropriate but also utilising tools such as Zoom to provide a flexible service, based on your needs.  


James has a dog behaviour qualification from the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) and has a real passion for helping humans understand their dogs needs and behaviour. James has studied extensively with the IMDT, along with other leading canine education centres like the School of Canine Science and Tromplo. He is part of Steve Mann's Behaviour Mentorship Programme for 2021 and has completed a wide range of training on canine aggression and rehabilitation, impulse control, canine cognitive dysfunction, canine neurology, breed and predatory motor patterns and puppy training and development. 

He has been a huge help assisting Kate with workshops and will begin teaching group puppy and adult dog training classes, later this year.



James has always loved dogs, so much so that he ran the London marathon for the Dogs Trust in 2009. James is owned by Kiya, his rescue Staffie cross. 

Julie Hilliard BSc (Hons) - Dog Trainer and Behaviourist

Julie is a trainer and behaviourist who works with our clients for one to one training or behaviour consultations. Julie has a huge amount of experience and holds a BSc (Hons) degree in Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare.


Julie is involved in training assistance dogs for current and former members of the British Armed Forces with service-related mental health conditions allowing them to lead more independent lives. She also trains dogs for people with physical disabilities improving their quality of life by providing them with dogs that are tailor trained in task-specific skills.

She is also a Puppy School Tutor teaching several classes a week. Julie teaches young puppies and then all the way up to Advanced Good Companion level. She will be teaching puppy, adolescent dog and agility classes for us from Spring 2021. 


Julie is a certified Fear Free Trainer and a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and Animal Behaviour and Training Council - meaning you know you are in good hands with her. 

Dave Pate - Dog Trainer and Scent/Search Work Specialist 


Dave Pate is our newest member of the team, joining us in 2021. Dave has recently left a 30 year career as a police officer in Kent. During his varied career he trained as a dog handler, specialising in firearms support with his German Shepherds, hostage work and helping develop the Force’s inclusion of trailing dogs.


Some of his police dog handling highlights involved searching in the Channel Tunnel with Special Forces (when the trains had been stopped!) finding and disarming suspects who would not have otherwise been located if not for his dogs and locating missing people. Dave also enjoyed leading training for other handlers and their dogs. Later on in his career, Dave was to take command of the Dog Section in Kent, a rewarding end to his association with these dedicated dogs and handlers.


Dave now lives on a farm and enjoys time with his 3 dogs; you’ve guessed it, one being a 3 year old German Shepherd (seen here in the picture with Dave).

Dave teaches Tracking and Mantrailing as well as seeing some clients for 121 training. 

Jenny Cooper BA (Hons) -  Business Support and Administrative Support


Jenny joined Kate in early 2019 and quickly become an absolutely vital part of the team.


She is super efficient and organised but also has a great creative side and can be found helping Kate on a variety of projects. 


Jenny manages all our events and bookings and is responsible for putting in new systems to make everything run as seamlessly as possible for everyone.  

Jenny is a History Graduate of Cambridge University, Fitzwilliam College and had a very successful previous life in the book selling industry. Thankfully for us, she made the move to become a business support specialist which means we get to benefit from her brilliant and varied skill set. 

Anne-Marthe Brautaset BSc (Hons) - Animal Nutrition Consultant 


Anne-Marthe has been passionate about canine and feline nutrition her whole life and holds a BSc (Hons) degree in Animal Science from Writtle University College. 


She currently works as a manager for a veterinary pharmaceutical company and has considerable industry experience in nutrition having worked to train vets and nurses on the the topic at practices all over Norway.

Anne-Marthe is also interested in the behaviour and welfare of wolves. She has undertaken research projects studying the behaviour of captive wolves in relation to enclosure design and social groups in Norway.


Anne-Marthe offers one to one nutrition consultancy to clients all over the world through Zoom video calls. She offers comprehensive, tailored advice to ensure that your dog or cat receive the best possible nutrition. 

She is based in Oslo and owns two beautiful Ragdoll cats Romeo and Casanova.