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We are a community of pet professionals dedicated to assisting you in creating more harmonious relationships with your dogs. We aim to promote wellbeing by taking a holistic approach. The training methods used are are fun, ethical and reward-based.

Meet the team:

Kate Harper BSc (Hons) - Dog Trainer and Behaviourist

Kate has 17 years of hands on experience working with dogs of all shapes, sizes and temperaments. She has handled, trained and assessed a wide range of dogs for national charities, dog wardens and private clients. She has worked with dogs detained under the Dangerous Dogs Act and is known for her ability to resolve aggression, reactivity and fear-related problems in a harmonious way. 


She has studied FdSc Applied Animal Behavioural Science and Welfare,  BSc (Hons) Animal Science (including behaviour and training modules) at Writtle University Colllege and is currently undertaking an MSc in Clinical Animal Behaviour at Edinburgh University Vet School.

Kate is a UK Sniffer Dogs coach and accredited Mantrailing UK instructor and teaches popular scent detection and mantrailing workshops all over Kent. She also enjoys teaching dog training classes within prison-based dog training programmes designed to promote positive behavioural change. 

Kate has owned a variety of breeds from Rottweilers to Spaniels but currently has a Chihuahua called Chichi and a Jack Russell called Mitsey. She also has a rescue horse called Mr Scamp. 

Anne-Marthe Brautaset BSc (Hons) - Animal Nutrition Consultant 


Anne-Marthe has been passionate about canine and feline nutrition her whole life and holds a BSc (Hons) degree in Animal Science from Writtle University College. 


She currently works as a manager for a veterinary pharmaceutical company and has considerable industry experience in nutrition having worked to train vets and nurses on the the topic at practices all over Norway.

Anne-Marthe is also interested in the behaviour and welfare of wolves. She has undertaken research projects studying the behaviour of captive wolves in relation to enclosure design and social groups in Norway.


Anne-Marthe offers one to one nutrition consultancy to clients all over the world through Zoom video calls. She offers comprehensive, tailored advice to ensure that your dog or cat receive the best possible nutrition. 

She is based in Oslo and owns two beautiful Ragdoll cats Romeo and Casanova. 

Kerri Lake - Coach and Animal Communicator 


Kerri has a bachelor's degree in Animal Science and Equine Reproduction and Management from UC Davis and has spent over 25 years of her adult life working with rescued animals, breeding programmes, veterinarians, trainers, teachers and therapists.  


She is the creator and CEO of Generation of Harmony and has authored several books including Listen Like A Horse: Relationships without Dominance. Kerri has accumulated a huge portfolio of online and written works guiding humanity towards harmonious relationships with animals and between ourselves. 

Kerri is known internationally as an innovative provider of tools for mental and intuitive clarity. Her services are valuable for dog owners, trainers and pet professional alike. She possesses an innate ability to communicate with humans and animals on a level that goes beyond what is commonly understood.  

Kerri and Kate are very pleased to be collaborating on a series of recordings on animal related topics to offer new perspectives that will assist with traditional forms of training and offer mindful support to pet professionals.

​Kerri is based in San Diego, California and is able to take private video calls by Zoom

James Hedges

Training Assistant

James is currenlty studying for a dog behaviour qualification with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainters and has a real passion for helping humans understand their dog's natural abilities and instincts. James has been a huge help to us already at our workshops and classes, and he looks forward to meeting many more of you in the coming months.

Jenny Cooper BA (Hons)                                  

Administrative and Business Support 


Jenny has quickly become an absolutely vital part of the team. She is super efficient and organised but also has a great creative side and can be found helping Kate on a variety of projects. 


You may well correspond with Jenny when you first get in touch with us - she will support you through the booking process and answer any enquiries you might have. 

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